Greetings, friends! 

As a full time animation student at Sheridan College, I’m sad to say that I’m on my summer break right now. It’s awful, not having professors telling me what to do, how to do it, and when to have it done. I’m a absolute wreck! 

I was hoping you might be able to help me out. And, if anything up there appeals to you, maybe we can do a little mutual back scratching.

I’m now offering digital full-body art commissions! Cartoons, anthros, whatever you like. As many as you like! Pricing will go a little something like this:

One character with flat colours: $10 US 
imageOne character with full colours: $15 US image
To place an order, send me an email at explaining what you’d like. After we’ve agreed on the details of the order, I’ll send you an invoice through paypal. Once I’ve received a full payment, I’ll get straight to work! Upon completion, I will email you the high resolution file type of your choice (and make any adjustments necessary), and we can consider our backs mutually itch-free. 

Feel free to inbox me with any questions you have, but please only email if you’re placing an order. 

Terms and Conditions 

art commissions formerly thesarahnader in case you were wondering oh god i finally did it

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